Welcome to Southside Sedation

Nobody likes pain, and few people enjoy going to the dentist. So if you suffer from dental phobia or require extensive and invasive dental work you should consider the benefits of sedation.

We are a purpose built facility, located at 604 Mulgrave Road, providing IV Sedation for Dental procedures.

IV(Intravenous) Sedation also known as “Twilight dentistry, Sleep dentistry or Conscious sedation” is an extremely safe and cost effective alternative to General anaesthesia or Nitrous Oxide (Happy gas).

The sedation is administered by a Specialist Anaesthetist, allowing you to drift off into a relaxed sleep like state, totally unaware of passing time and the dental procedure being performed, and returning with no recollection of the treatment.

At Southside Sedation we concentrate mainly on Dental surgical procedures such as wisdom tooth removal, complicated extractions and other surgical procedures.

We also provide IV Sedation services for children who require Dental procedures and weigh more than 14Kg.

We can also provide restorative dental procedures both under local anaesthetic or IV sedation, however a popular alternative is to accompany your own dentist to our facility and have them carry out your treatment under the comfort and safety of IV sedation.

No matter the treatment ,whether it is a lengthy root canal filling, crowns, extractions or just a clean, your own dentist and yourself will be able to make use of our sedation facilities and ensure your dental experience is a pleasurable one.

Please contact our rooms for more information or call (07) 4054 5062
Our Location : 604 Bruce Hwy, Woree QLD 4868