Visiting Dentists

At Southside Sedation our facilities, however are perfectly adequate for visiting dentists to provide their services for lengthy procedures for their patients under the comfort of IV Sedation.

The staff at Southside Sedation will organise the anaesthetist and everything else required for the IV Sedation including the post op care of your patient.

A fully equipped surgery will be available for your use including handpieces.

All that is required by the visiting dentist would be for them to be accompanied by their assistant and to bring the necessary instruments and materials necessary for treatment.

A short consultation with the anaesthetist and your patient would be needed prior to the sedation and our staff are happy to liaise on your behalf with your patient should you wish.

Billing would consist of a rental fee for the surgery and the anaesthetist fee. All the dental work carried out by the visiting dentist is billed separately by them at their surgery.

Southside Sedation does not take any percentage of the visiting dentists fee for treatment to the their patient.

Treatment in this manner provides an even more relaxed experience for your patient.

The patient is being treated by their dentist who is familiar with the patient and the treatment they require and being assisted by an assistant who both the dentist and patient are familiar with.

Altogether this will reduce the anxiety of the patient and increase the comfort factor for the treating dentist plus the added bonus of being able to provide treatment for your patient under the relaxed state of IV Sedation.

Sedation is the easy way

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